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FPM coop. imprint its work on professionalism and continuous experience over the years , prerogatives essential to ensure customer a product of the highest standard of quality that best meets its demands.

The orientation of our company allows it to our customer, to fully understand the needs, seeking customized solutions that are both effective and efficient.  High importance is given  to the coordinated management of projects and shared with the customer himself, who is accompanied on a route from the design, with the creation of lay-out, passing through the installation and testing and ensures a  service after-sales.

The company aims to meet the needs of all types of production : machinery in the automatic version are in fact designed for medium production and semi-automatic version to give an opportunity to small and new businesses to undertake a journey that begins to develop a small production.

Of course, semiautomatic and automatic machines can take their turn to respond  to the real needs of the customer.

Finally, all equipment made ​​by FPM coop. are built with quality materials and comply with CE regulations.