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The tank consists of a cylindrical container stainless steel supported by a base. Inside is a Serpentine, in which steam enters warming which in turn heats the water to boil.At the bottom there is a valve to drain. At the top, below the upper edge, there is a tube that serves as overflow in the case the liquid comes out.The adjustment by boiling is made of manual valve that regulates the flow of steam, or by automatic control with thermostat and control valve.


Suitable for cooking food such as sauces, jams and purees of fruit or vegetables or whatever.


The cooker consists of an auger tube to which 'there is an internal auger for transporting the product to be cooked.The Heating is by means of steam, the water separates from the product is released to the outside dehydrating the product. The tube and screw are constructed entirely of stainless steel and externally The Cocitore and thermal insulation. The cooker is mounted inclined to get the release of the baked product directly at the embouchurepulper. The machine comes complete with electrical and electronic speed regulator.


  • (with cooking time 8-10 minutes) about 1,200 Kg / hr
  • STEAM CONSUMPTION about 500 Kg / h