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Tank with a tube inside the diffuser, from which steam comes out.


The drum is a cylinder of perforated sheet steel, made from a single sheet of perforated metal design, with top, bottom and reinforced. The dimensions are such that it can be contained in the cooking tank / pasteurization. The fund is fully opened by means of hinges, so that the basket can be used for other purposes and quickly download it from below. On the top are mounted two handles that serve as outlet to remove the basket from the tank of cooking / pasteurisation /desalination. The diameter of the hole can be chosen freely.


  • Dimensions: - Height: mm850-Diameter: 850 mm


Tunnel of continuous heat treatment.It is used for fruit, jam, pickles, pickles, creams, pates, sauces, puree, ketchup and other food.The machine can handle containers, metal and glass for various formats.

Description of the total thermal cycle:

  • rain at 95 ° C + recovery water pre-cooling
  • Rain water recovery + detergent integrated
  • rain with mains water;

The machine consists of: Tunnel in AISI 304 stainless steel sheet shaped, with lids.Frame with profiles of high thickness and height-adjustable feet. 2-way input tape protruding 1.500 meters from the machine, with adjustable supports for the different sizes of container head powered by variable speed moto. Transport containers through the tunnel with modular belt made ​​of polypropylene, working temperature 120 ° C with the drive system and engine speed variable by inverter.Heating, complete with by-pass, valve steam, manual valves, filter and condensate drain.Instrumentation for monitoring and recording of temperature through graph paper. Detergent dosing pump adjustable. 2-way output tape at different speeds. Electrical control panel with low-voltage auxiliary voltage. Safety stop  machine for sliding resistance of the carpet. Device does not start if the machine has not reached the set temperature.Device to stop the machine in case of lowering the minimum temperature setting. Automatic closing device steam for any off the machine. All the faults are signaled by an audible alarm and a flashing. Group consisting of draining electric-type high-pressure radial blades.

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