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The sorting belt is a conveyor roller that during the path from end to end, they turn on themselves. The objective is to inspect the product transported by belt, along its entire surface.For this operator, whose task is to inspect the product, he is able to Discard the product  it considers inappropriate.The transport rollers are spaced with each other for a length of about 10 mm. In order to allow impurities to fall at the bottom and do not arrive at the end of the tape.The tape is constructed entirely of stainless steel, is provided with electric panel for the march and the arrest and shall be included in an electronic variable speed so you can get the speed you want.


  • Dimensions: 700 x mm4000
  • Height: mm800
  • Power: 0.75 Kw
  • Power supply.: 380volt

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The pulper is a machine used to extract the juice or pulp product. The principle is as follows: the product comesfromone side of the hollow cylinder that is brushed, and is directed at the other end, during the manufacturing process the product through the perforated cylinder, leaves the thinnest part.The most crude that can not pass is ejected. So you get a separation of the product, corresponding to the diameter of the holes of the sieve, which can vary from 0.6 to 4 mm.La same machine can be adapted to extract the pulp from the olives the option must be


  • Working capacity 1000 Kg / h
  • Installed power 4.5 Kw


The cooker consists of an auger tube to which there is an internal auger for transporting the product to be cooked.The Heating is by means of steam, the water separates from the product is released to the outside dehydrating the product. The tube and screw are constructed entirely of stainless steel and externally The Cocitore and thermal insulation. The cooker is mounted inclined to get the release of the baked product directly at the embouchurepulper. The machine comes complete with electrical and electronic speed regulator.


  • (with cooking time 8-10 minutes) about 1,200 Kg / hr
  • STEAM CONSUMPTION about 500 Kg / h